Places To Visit In Mumbai India: Aarey Milk Colony

Aarey Milk Colony (established in 1949) is situated in Goregaon East, a suburb of Mumbai, India. It has gardens, a nursery, lakes, an observation pavillion, picnic facilities, and milk plants.16,000 cattle are reared on 1,287 hectares of land, and 32 cattle farms. Some of the attractions in Aarey Milk Colony are the Aarey Garden Restaurant, Chota Kashmir, boat trips and a picnic spot.

aarey milk colony mumbai india spectacular beauty

     Aarey milk colony Mumbai, India. | Photo:©iluvlucyie

The colony is situated off the Western Express Highway which runs across Mumbai. Apart from being a milk producing center, it is also known for its greenery and beautiful surroundings. The garden is spread over 4,000 acres (16 km2) of parkland. There is an observation pavilion on a hill near the entrance to the colony.

flora around aarey milk colony mumbai india

    Flora around Aarey milk colony, Mumbai, India. | Photo©Shubhada Nikharge/flickr

The roads in the area have potholes and craters. Especially during monsoon season it damages vehicles, and causes accidents and traffic jams. Though the Aarey Road contract charges Rs. 15 as toll, no maintenance work is done. The maintenance work of the 7.6km-long Aarey Road is with the PWD. According to the survey, around 29,595 vehicles ply on the road everyday. The stretch from VIP Guest House to Powai check post on Aarey Road is in a bad shape.

fauna around aarey milk coloney india

    Fauna around Aarey milk colony, Mumbai, India  |  Photo:©Aniruddh80

Aarey Milk Colony has facilities for picnics and get-togethers. It has milk plants, gardens, a nursery and a lake in the vicinity that attracts visitors and makes it a suitable location for a weekend getaway or excursion. The colony has been used a number of times as a site for film shooting.
Source: Wikipedia