5 tricks to naturally gorgeous eyebrows


Brow dedication is worth it, says Jimena Garcia, a jet-setting brow specialist who sees clients in Los Angeles and New York City. “Sculpting your eyebrows can change your face without makeup.” And who doesn’t want a lighter makeup bag and fewer steps in the morning?

So where do you start for pretty, full brows that look natural? With these 3 easy steps.

1. Get a (professional) brow shaping. To get perfect brows, you’ll always have to get rid of the extraneous hairs, says bicoastal brow guru Garcia, who’s sculpted some of downtown NYC’s prettiest brows at Tenoverten. “The best brows start with a professional consult and shaping,” she says. The point being that you’ll have an amazing shape as a foundation (and keeping them up on your own is easier managed).

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