The other day, I went to a pub. It was a pub I had never been to before and I ordered a diet coke. We only do Pepsi, will that do? came the reply! Well I was mortified, no Pepsi was not OK, what kind of second rate establishment was this!? Pepsi?!A poor mans coke!how dare they not serve my drink of choice, boy was I going to tweet about this when I got home! However instead of tweeting, it got me thinking of the first world problems that we encounter on a daily basis? After talking to some friends I managed to cobble together a list of 42 and felt the need to share:)

  1. Mondays
  1. Slow Internet service
  1. Running a bath too hot that you can only sit in it for 3 minutes before you start sweating, get a heartbeat in your buttock and have to get out
  1. Instagram is down – how will you know what everyone has had for lunch?
  1. Tidying up and putting the remote control on top of the TV- having to get out of bed to switch on the TV
  1. Going to the gym in January and not being able to get on a machine due to the New Year’s Resolution brigade
  1. Paint your nails, still can’t participate in life an hour later! Quick dry? Bull shit!
  1. Realising your phone only has 1% battery, but your phone charger doesn’t stretch to your bed
  1. Getting so caught up in a box set, that you do not realise it’s the last one of the series until it’s finished and you’ve not had time to effectively prepare for it’s end
  1. Sitting down to watch a programme on On Demand, getting through all the adverts, then, when it comes on realising you have already watched the episode!
  1. Crossing the road and having to walk around the back of a car to get past, only for the car to drive off leaving you walking the long way around an empty space
  1. Attempt exercise by power walking to the train station, fully expecting a rest at every traffic light- green man EVERYTIME
  1. When abroad, going out for dinner and realising the restaurant does not have free WIFI! How will people know what a great time you’re having?
  1. Going to the gym and realising you’ve forgotten your headphones
  1. When you get up to watch This Morning and realise it’s Ruth and Eamon presenting
  1. Trying to remember your passwords when using an actual computer and not your phone!?
  1. Having to balance an iPad on your tray table in business class, because not all American Airlines planes have inbuilt screens in the back of their seats
  1. Having to delete photos on your phone to create space but not knowing which ones you may need to refer back to in the future?
  1. Having a shower in a hotel and having to peel the shower curtain of you every 2 minutes
  1. Your biscuit is too big to dip in your tea
  1. Too bored to sit in alone, too tired to go out and meet people
  1. Wanting to delete annoying people of Facebook, but then what would you screen shot and send to your friends?
  1. Sends a long humour filled text, gets a one word response!!
  1. Lost your phone? it’s on silent
  1. Saw something funny, walked past it before you could snapchat it
  1. Wake up think it’s Friday, realise it’s Wednesday
  1. Need to go to the shop…already taken off your bra
  1. Nipping back to your hotel room to go to the loo, find the maid cleaning your room
  1. Jump in an outdoor pool, realise it’s not heated
  1. Write an epic tweet, it’s 143 characters
  1. Spend hours doing your hair for a night out, the humidity kills it in 3 seconds flat
  1. Finding the cosy warm spot in your bed, need a wee
  1. You’ve eaten too much and now you feel uncomfortable
  1. Forget you’re watching a recording, could have fast forwarded the adverts
  1. Forgot what you went upstairs for, remembered when you get down
  1. Spending months planning your viewing on the Glastonbury app! Phone dies 3hrs and 27minutes into Wednesday!!!!
  1. Only having 15seconds to decide if you want to watch the next episode on Netflix, too slow, lose another hour of life
  1. Taking a sneaky picture of the boy you fancy, realising your flash is on
  1. Post a funny status. Not one like.
  1. Your iPhone autocorrects haha to Hahahahahahahahahahah, and it wasn’t even funny
  1. Drink a mouth full of water, realise it’s sparkling
  1. Your local shop doesn’t sell taramasalata, realise you’re probably going to have to move.

Do you have any other first World problems in your mind? Write them down in the comments!