Scientists have made a stunning discovery about Alpine Swift _ A migratory small bird. The research revealed that this natural drone can fly non-stop for over six months.

Now the question is, does the little fellow need to eat, drink and even sleep during this incredibly long non-stop flight? The answer is, of course yes! Because nature has designed this little life with all the capabilities of staying ”On wings” for months.

How does It mange for food & drink?

Bird catches insects in air

  • The bird feeds on insects throughout the flight without the need to land for food.
  • The scientific research revealed that Alpine Swift can fulfill the requirement of water from the air.
  • The amazing creature can even sleep while it cruises through the air during long migrations.

What is Alpine Swift?

alpine swift habitate

  • A specie of swift, powerfully built for long flights.
  • Can be spotted from southern Europe to Himalayas.
  • Have short legs designed to stick to vertical surfaces.
  • Breed in steep mountains and hills.
  • Rarely land on the ground with ability to fulfill it’s food and drink requirements ”on wings”.

How was the discovery made?

bird discovery

  • In 2011, Felix Liechti and his colleagues at the Swiss Ornithological Institute attached electronic chips to the legs of six Alpine swifts and their movements were recorded. They noticed that some of the birds stayed in the air for over 200 days.
  • A study made in 2013 showed that the bird can stay in the air for over six months without the need to land for eating, drinking and even sleeping.