Trash to treasure


You obviously have tons of old, unused stuff lying around your home. Could be those old tires from that car you abandoned decades ago or maybe some books you used to read when that reading giant in you was still awake. Did you know that you could make use of these items by re-purposing them? And yes, who said that since tires are meant for a car they cannot be used for something else? Come with me as I explore some brilliant ideas you could use to make those old items idling around your home useful to you once again.

old books

Use old Books to make a Table Lamp.

This is one of the most creative ideas I ever came across. And yes, it is also the easiest. All you need to do is stack the books together and then drill a hole through each one of them from top to bottom. Then put the lamp wire through the hole on each book and glue a socket to the top book. Guess what you do next; just flip the switch and illuminate your world.

mason jars

Use your Mason Jar to make a Chandelier

If you have several mason jars in your home, you don’t have to throw them away. All you need to do is just take like 12 of them and come up with a wonderful chandelier. You might need to purchase several lighting kits, though.

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