How to have a relaxing spa day at home?


Do you hardly get any time for yourself? Is your hectic daily schedule taking a toll on you? Feeling overworked and stressed? Want to unwind and relax? Then, it is time that you take a day off and relax at a spa. But visit a spa center can be quite a costly affair and set you back by several hundred dollars, something that may not be possible to afford too often. So, ditch the visit and have a spa right in your own home.



How to have a spa at home?

Ground preparation

Before you start preparing for the spa, it is important that you setup the ideal conditions for a spa. Clean your bathroom and your room thoroughly and use a freshener so that the environment is pleasant. Then call up and inform everybody not to disturb you during the day. Turn off all distractions like TV, cell phones, pagers, internet, etc. that may disturb the peaceful day. Create a mood for the spa by lighting up scented candles, spreading flower petals, using aromatic oils, etc. Also, select a smoothing playlist of your favorite songs, arrange for some wine, chocolates, etc. that you may love to have during the spa.


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