10 reasons why we should eat celery on everyday basis


Helps in management of blood pressure

With celery, you no longer have to keep complaining of high/low blood pressure. It contains significant amounts of potassium and pthalides. The former one is well known to reduce blood pressure, while the latter lowers the levels of stress hormones in your blood. It’s time you kissed your blood pressure issues goodbye!



Celery helps in regulating cholesterol in the body

You read it right! That wasn’t a typing error. Celery triggers production of bile juice which reduces the amounts of ‘bad’ cholesterol (called LDL, low-density lipoprotein) in blood. Take two sticks of celery every day and high cholesterol levels will be history to you.


It helps in cancer prevention

Studies indicate that some compounds like flavonoids (for example luteolin), pthalides, and polyacethylenes which are present in celery help in obstructing the growth of cancer cells. These compounds are antioxidants which constantly search for free radical floating in your blood and neutralize them before they are able to harm your body.

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