The right way to clean your fridge


Which is the most daunting cleaning task around your home? Pose this question to any homeowner and the most likely answer is; cleaning their refrigerator. This is because it houses both raw and cooked foods which are prone to poisoning if not handled well. However, cleaning your refrigerator doesn’t have to be one heck of a task anymore! I have flexed muscles and delved into the issue to unravel a quick, easy and reliable cleaning procedure for you.


Empty your fridge first

Obvious as it may seem, this is a crucial step that has to be adhered to. Why is that? Apart from the fact it facilitates quick cleaning, it is obvious that you wouldn’t want your food coming into contact with cleaning chemicals. And yes, although some cleaning detergents are natural, removing everything from your fridge before you commence the cleaning process reduces chances of contamination.

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