Life-changing books every woman should read


Books are the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom. Whether you are a kid, a teen, a young adult or an elderly woman, books can open up a new world to you, change your vision, thoughts and ideas, offer you words of practical wisdom and make you a better and more learned person. Though it may not be possible to read all good books that were ever written, yet there are some that you should not miss reading at all, whatever your age is. These life-changing books are relevant for women of all ages and of all times and change the path of your life forever.

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Must read books for every woman:

The Diary Of A Young Girl

Written by Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who went into hiding during World War II to escape the German occupation of Netherlands, this book (actually a diary, several loose papers and school notebooks) not only gives a vivid description of the horrid wartime days, but also expresses the feelings of a young girl growing up. Her crushes, friendships, self-consciousness, loneliness and the effect of war on her life have been minutely detailed.

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