Include chia seeds in your diet!


Chia – as you hear the name, the first feeling that comes to your mind is of those cute chia pets that you have had in your room long time ago. But time has changed and the seeds from the chia flowers are now being considered an important food item and are being marketed all over the world. Originally found in Mexico, the chia seeds are now high in demand amongst health experts and health enthusiasts looking to reap the many benefits of these minute seeds.

chia seeds

Reasons why chia seeds are a must-have

Prevents aging

Though very small in size, chia seeds are a powerhouse of anti-oxidants that effectively fight against about 70% of the free radicals in the body, thus preventing cell damage and promoting better cell health. Better cell health ensures overall better health as well as stops the sagging of skin, keeping it soft and youthful.


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