Include chia seeds in your diet!


Low carb

Though the carbohydrate content of chia seeds is 12g/oz, yet 11g of it is totally fiber, which means that the carbohydrate to be digested and absorbed by the body is only 1g/oz making it really low on carbs. This means that you can consume chia seeds without affecting your carbohydrate intake too much. Moreover, the dosage of fiber that you get from chia helps in maintaining insulin level in the body, improving bowel movements, enhancing digestive processes as well as suppressing appetite.



Good for cardiac health

First and foremost, chia’s bounty of omega-3 fatty acids is immensely effective in lowering blood pressure, preventing inflammation, maintaining cholesterol levels as well as reducing blood clots and presence of triglycerides. All these together ensure a better cardiac health and at the same time, reduce chances of heart failure, stroke or erratic heartbeats.


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